Lavender sparkle handmade baby quilts will brighten the nursery.

Looking for something different to present to a new-born little girl? Forget the convention frilly little outfits that will be outgrown in weeks and consider handmade baby quilts that will last for generations.

First, let’s talk toughness. These handmade baby quilts are machine-stitched and hand-bound, for maximum durability.  They are meant to survive machine washing and drying in perfect condition.

 Now let’s discuss comfort. Only the softest possible baby flannel is used in the fabrication, so the handmade baby quilts will always be a soothing comfort to the lucky child who cuddles up with one.

Then there’s the unique feature of the design.  The Lavender Sparkle motif will be interpreted in a different pattern for each quilt, so each baby gets something created for her and her alone. Lavender Sparkle handmade baby quilts use combinations of lavender squares, pink and lavender polka dots and coordinating stripes. What a refreshing change from the cliche pink and what a good start for the little girl who’ll think outside the box!

Next there’s the awesome utility of these handmade baby quilts. They are great for the car or stroller and ideal for nap time in someone else’s home. They are also the perfect play mat anywhere.

Handmade baby quilts will be treasured by the little ones who get them, appreciated by the parents who care for them, and cherished by the next generation as precious keepsakes.

Handmade baby quilts

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