Burrrrrrrr! It is cold outside.  A baby needs to be safe and warm, especially on these cold winter days and nights. Give the gift of cuddly handmade baby quilts. But what makes these quilts so lightweight but giving each a lifetime of beauty and warmth yet protecting and nurturing your baby?

handmade baby quilts
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The material used is flannel.  100% cotton baby flannel is a soft woven fabric brushed to create extra softness. This helps the material to be both durable and adorable.

Flannels were originally made from carded or worsted yarn but they are now made from either wool cotton or synthetic fiber.  The origin of the word is uncertain but a Welsh origin can be traced as early as the 16th century. These raw wools gave way to softer and finer ones of today with the colors determined by the dyes used.  Lighter shades were also achieved by bleaching.  By the late 1990’s, the flannel plaid shirt was popular and other forms of cotton flannels were coming on the market.

This trend brought the flannelette which is typically referred to as a napped cotton flannel.  Baby flannel, cotton flannel and also the diaper flannel are part of this shorter nap flannelette that now comes in many colors, solids and patterns.

Beside baby cotton flannel being a favorite for handmade baby quilts, this lightweight fabric is also used for children’s sleepwear.

As the winter winds start bring a drop in temperature, cuddle your baby and keep them snugly warm with a handmade baby quilts made from 100 percent cotton baby flannel. These baby quilts are easy to care for; just machine wash warm, tumble dry low, and promptly remove.   Even though baby flannel quilts are washed and dried many times, they will look and feel as soft as the day you bought them.

Celebrate a new life with a handmade baby quilts made from 100% cotton baby flannel.

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