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Snuggle close… Learn how to quilt… Learn how to make binding… Learn how buy the perfect baby quilt from an expert quilter – like me!!!

Learn what parents say…

A handmade quilt, with the soft to the touch quilt binding, is the perfect way to snuggle close with your child and a good book, as you instill in them the love of reading. As a quilter, these homemade and handmade baby quilts are created to help Moms and Dads cradle their child, hold them close, and keep them warm. A handmade quilt is a true gift of a lifetime.

Learn what teachers say…

Teachers remind you to read with your child. Even if you are a Mom, who is waiting for your baby to be born, sit down, pick up a book, and read to your unborn baby. The baby can hear your voice even before he or she is able to cuddle in your arms in a handmade baby quilt and listen to you read to them.

Learn what experts say…

Children grow all too quickly. Stop washing dishes, cleaning the house, and blogging on the computer. Find a homemade and handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique to snuggle close and read to your baby.

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