Give your little pumpkin a handmade baby quilt and you’ll provide a treat that’ll last a lot longer than a candy apple. Here’s what you’ll be giving: Warmth A three-ply baby quilt made with the softest baby flannel will furnish the lightweight, gentle warmth every baby needs. The Baby QuiltContinue Reading

Handmade Baby Quilts are a labor of love when they’re made by the Baby Quilt Lady just for you to give to that special baby in your life. “Choosing the right color combinations for a new quilt can be a slow process,” she explains. “Whether it’s a little boy orContinue Reading

Handmade Baby Quilts Make Memorable Gifts Handmade baby quilts make memorable gifts for boys and girls not only will please the little ones with their warmth and snuggle power now, but will start a trove of precious memories that will last into the future. Here’s how: It’s a Gift withContinue Reading