Bunny Hop

Your bespoke handmade baby quilt will wow at the shower, because bespoke means it’s custom-made. How bespoke?   The Baby Quilt Lady can personalize the quilt you choose in these ways: Choose colors to coordinate with the colors of the nursery. Your off-the-shelf baby quilts are usually manufactured in conventional colors to please the largest amount ofContinue Reading

 “I Spy” patchwork baby quilts have built-in mystery, so when you buy yours from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you’ll get more than just a pretty facade. Personalized Animal I Spy Each Patch Has a Mate in the Design The Baby Quilt Lady creates her one-of-a-kind, “I Spy” patchwork designs toContinue Reading

Santa Names Best Elf for Handmade Baby Quilts, and The Baby Quilt Lady is the one. The North Pole Gazette reports that the Bearded Maestro of Holiday Happiness has assigned the production of Handmade Baby Quilts to The Baby Quilt Lady, a lifelong quilter from the U.S. with a magicContinue Reading

In my journey as a blogger and owner of my own company, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, I have come to meet various people in all walks of life.  One of those is who is passionate about supporting women in their health issues and fitness is Dr. Douglas Penta, MD.  HisContinue Reading