Why purchase a handmade baby quilt from a website when you can find baby quilts from department stores or by the hundreds on other online websites? Since I was a young child watching my Grandmother ply her needle, there was one very important lesson learned and that was to takeContinue Reading

Every new mom has a story to tell about handmade baby quilts and new babies.  The road to holding her new baby in her arms are sometimes a bit bumpy.  Some roads are more rocky and longer than others. Handmade baby quilts tell many stories. As a mother of 4, IContinue Reading

Quilting is a Passion As I just sat watching the Olympics from Sochi, Russia, I was reminded of the passion in the eyes of the players, the coaches, and the fans.  The love of their sport goes far beyond the point in the goal or the trip down that mountainContinue Reading

Making a baby quilt is not just for us older folks. All you grandmothers out there, who are also quilters, stop and take time to teach your grandchildren to sew. When I spend time with my passion quilting, I do so when my granddaughters are with me.  Abby, 20 months,Continue Reading