children’s quilts

“I Spy” Baby Quilt – Not Just for Cuddles

An I Spy baby quilt is not only for cuddles but provides endless hours of excellent learning opportunities and a soft baby quilt for the floor.  The wonderful children’s books entitled, I Spy, captures the attention of the young and the young at heart for hours on end. A quilt displays 21 different animal prints …

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Got Scraps?- Make a Handmade Quilt

“When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.” Well my stash is full of scraps. I have spent the better part of yesterday trying to clean up the not one drawers, but the many locations where those scraps are kept. I tell myself to keep them you might just need that piece for something. Drawers and boxes later, those lonely lavenders, bored blues, and sulking silvers and shades of every other hue imaginable are waiting their turn to be a patch in one of my handmade baby quilts.