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The super soft flannel is comforting, but the colorful patches are teachers. The Baby Quilt Lady assembles the squares in a puzzle format, so little people sharpen their perception skills by searching the quilt for the matching squares. It is fun and it fills some of the long time indoorsContinue Reading

Handmade Baby Quilts Make Cuddly Gifts Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will beautify the nursery and keep the little ones toasty warm, but their greatest virtue is their cuddliness. What better gift could you give a new-born or a toddler than a super-soft, home-made baby quilt that willContinue Reading

Homemade Baby Quilts Carry On Tradition When you’re choosing that most important gift for the special baby in your life, you want it to be spectacular, and you hope it will have a unique quality that makes it stand out from all the other gifts.  Homemade baby quilts for girls andContinue Reading

Handmade Baby Quilts: Gifts of Laughter When you think about all the pleasures homemade baby quilts bring to the new little babies in your life, bet you didn’t think about laughter. Sure, you expect all the handmade baby quilts for sale to be soft and warm, and you know theContinue Reading