Sweep up savings at the handmade baby quilts spring cleaning sale going on right now at Unique Baby Quilts Boutique. As the crocus buds and the robins tweet again, The Baby Quilt Lady is opening her cupboards to streamline her inventory.

That means that admirers of her one-of-a-kind baby quilts for boys and girls have a rare opportunity to snag an exceptional piece of cloth art for the special little babies in their lives, and for a very special price.

What’s On Sale?

  •  Nothing irregular, nothing imperfect about the adorable hand-sewn baby quilts featured in the spring cleaning sale. Just the same super quality, super-soft crib blankets The Baby Quilt Lady has been making for many years with top quality fabrics and the best assembly techniques.
  •  Many delightful designs guaranteed to become the prized possession of the pint-sized cribster who’s lucky enough to get one.
  • Plenty of charming motifs that will coordinate with the nursery’s theme, the home decor or the family’s lifestyle.
  • These are ready-made quilts, so the personalizing option is not available.

Frog in Dots

Why now?

When the weather is gentler and the sun shines brighter, we all get the urge to make our surroundings more efficient. The Baby Quilt Lady is no exception. She’s scrubbed her windows until they sparkle, and she’s neatened up her closets. Now she’s turned her eye toward the quilt storage shelves and decided that there are just too many waiting to reach the little babies who will love them so much.

Opportunity Knocks

Many folks who are expecting new little ones in their lives have checked out the one-of-a-kind baby quilts at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and have found the product fabulous, but the cost just more than their budgets will allow. The Spring Cleaning Sale presents a chance to get that extra-special gift at an extra-special price. Think how the mom-to-be will be surprised when the gifts are opened at the baby shower and your beautiful hand-made baby quilt is revealed for all to admire.  Think of how excited the new parents will be when you present them with an original hand-sewn quilt they could only dream of buying for their baby.

Handmade Baby Quilts are Never out of Season

Usually items go on sale when the season for their use is over, but that’s not the case at this Spring Cleaning Sale. That’s because the quilt you buy now has many uses all year long. For example, it can keep the baby comfy on those morning walks in the stroller when the sun isn’t yet at its peak. And it can serve as a little bit of home when the baby goes to vacation motels or the homes of relatives far away.  It is a comfortable play mat when it’s toy time on the floor, and it’s a cuddly wrap-around when it’s story time.

She Who Snoozes Loses

Contact The Baby Quilt Lady now for the best selection of sale quilts. She who snoozes loses, but she who acts now will have a little baby snoozing with a smile.

Sweep up savings at the handmade baby quilts spring cleaning sale.