Sing A Lullaby


This unique homemade baby quilt is designed in a triangular pattern with a touch of blue pastel Minky fabric to add an extra touch of softness.

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Sing a Lullaby is a beautiful hand made baby quilt made of soft shades of blue in 100% cotton baby flannel.

The musical notes featured on the blocks are perfect for the future Mozart or Beethoven in your family or just to remind you to sing that favorite lullaby as you cuddly and rock him to sleep in homemade keepsake quilt of his very own.

As your dear little one begins to comprehend his world, he can understand that you have provided him with a source of constant comfort and snuggly pleasure. With a reversible soft baby flannel of pastel light blue fabric, you will be able to change, this handmade baby quilt, Sing a Lullaby, by simply flipping it over.

The binding is hand stitched in the blue pastel print featured on the back of the quilt.

Machine wash and dry.

Size is 38 x 46 inches.

This quilt was hand made with love for your little bundle of joy by Sharon, The Baby Quilt Lady.

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