Quilting Projects and Grandchildren

Quilting Projects and Grandchildren

I heard someone say, “You will never be lonely if you have children around.”  I am going to add to that quote with you will never be lonely if you have your grandchildren around. Quilting Projects and Grandchildren

Since I retired with more free time to enjoy my passion of quilting, I have also had the joy of being a grandmother.  Yesterday was my granddaughter’s birthday and amid the smiles and laughter with her friends came the joy of just watching her be happy.  My children grew so quickly, yet here in front of me are my grandchildren to enjoy, love, and teach them to carry in the future.

It was at my granddaughter’s age that I sat by my grandmother side at her treadle sewing machine.  As her feet steadily pumped she would explain how she was sewing pieces together. Each looked so familiar to me, but Grandma explained that buying fabric was expensive.  This material was a dress that I no longer could wear and she was using the material to make  handmade baby quilts for my new baby sister.  The patience of my grandmother of years ago, the love of her craft, and for me has inspired me to continue to teach my granddaughters how to quilt.

Alexa  enjoys sitting on my lap to sew at the machine.  Teaching her the proper safety procedures of sewing, parts of a sewing machine, and steps of assembling a baby quilt are not only new learning experiences for Alexa in sewing, but quality time for both of us.

Abby enjoys her material strips.  As I cut off pieces for my Animal I Spy blocks, the end parts go to Abby for her collection of animals.  As I cut, Abby is collecting, organizing, and learning new animal words and the sounds they make.  Where most children have a book of animals, Abby has a bag for a material scraps to play with over and over of her animal friends.

I do have a grandson, Ryder, who lives a bit far to come each day to visit this Grandma. Every man should know how to at least mend and sew on a button.  Besides if Ryder’s grandfather in GA can quilt so can Ryder.

My quilting projects may not be complete, but spending quality time with each of my grandchildren is my real pleasure.

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  1. Grandma is my favorite name . Great post my friend. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

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