baby quilt patternsAre you looking for step-by-step instructions for quilt patterns from America’s foremost quilt designers? 

I have found a fantastic resource for over 200 antique classic quilt patterns. This complete collection comes complete with patterns, descriptions, and instructions that you can print any pattern you want and start quilting today.

These quilt patterns include the quilt name, stories, cutting instructions designed the quilting novice or expert.  You will find the material suggestions and yardage estimations and definite instructions for every step of the quilt making process.

Some of the valuable topics in this “how to” e-book is:

–          Quilt patterns

–          Cutting materials for favorite patchwork quilts

–          Cutting and Piecing step-by-step instructions for over 200   vintage quilts. 

–        Helpful and practical answers to questions about quilting

–        Excellent illustrations to accompany the well-written quilt pattern instructions

–          Various methods for setting the quilts

–          Quilt borders are included for numerous designs

–          How to mark and place your quilt in a frame

–          Embroidery quilt patterns

Check out this e-book for step-by-step instructions for over 200 vintage quilt patterns.