A wide-eyed 8 year-old stands by the quilt frame watching her Grandma and friends ply the needle over the quilt blocks.  How I remember just waiting for the opportunity to try a few stitches.  The joy of threading needles for Grandma as she chatted and sewed with her friends was the beginning of a history of learning the love my art of quilting……

This was the beginning of an article I wrote about my Grandmother’s quilting advice. I was only 8 but I would spend hours, threading Grandma’s needles (I just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see the needle’s eye and now I know!), just hoping to get the chance to put a few stitches into a quilt.  I am sure that when she did let me try a few stitches, they came right back out when I turned my back.  Grandma never let on.

Grandma taught me to use her treadle sewing machine.  She gave me my first lessons on how to make quilt patches from the cardboard patterns, carefully cut them out out under her watchful eye, and finally sew them together.  My first quilt was one I made for my doll.  My passion for quilting was born.

Today I have those cardboard pieces carefully packed away and many of the quilts that Grandma made are proudly used on the beds in my home.

I believe what Grandma used to tell my Grandfather when he asked if supper was ready….  When you quilt, it’s for a lifetime…..  when you cook, all you have to show for your labors is dirty dishes!!!

Go Grandma!  Thanks for teaching me to quilt.

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  1. I am sure I would have liked your Grandma, I totally agree with her summation of cooking!

  2. Author

    Grandma was a wonderful lady and a beautiful quilter. I sleep under one of her quilts each night.

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