Personalized Baby Quilts

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is now offering Personalized Baby Quilts

When you bring a personalized handmade baby quilt to the shower, you’ll help the new little baby establish her identity from the moment her quilt first touches her. 

Personalized baby quilts for sale are one the most unique handmade baby quilts or baby shower gifts you can give the family of a new baby. By having the baby’s name on the quilt, this handmade quilt sends the message that the gift was chosen to be a perfect match. 

Choose Personalized Baby Quilts for Memorable Gifts


There will be lots of mass-produced, foreign-made impersonal gifts at the baby shower that will soon be outgrown, disused and forgotten. Your gift of an oh-so-soft, customized, personalized handmade baby quilt will long be treasured for the thoughtfulness of your choice and the long-lasting pleasure you brought to the baby.


Long after the toys are broken and the clothes are outgrown, personalized handmade baby quilts will be treasured family keepsakes.


Include Loved Ones’ Clothing in Your Handmade Baby Quilt Shower Gift


Children get a sense of who they are from those who came before, and what better way to remind them of absent loved ones than a quilt made with pieces of family members’ clothing?   

An aunt’s favorite tee-shirt or a grandfather’s favorite fishing shirt can be part of a personalized handmade baby quilts for boys and girls. Depending on the harmony of the clothing, an imaginative quilter might be able to include fabrics from two loved ones. 

Then that new little baby understands his place in the family continuum, and can snuggle with the softness of the present with warm reminders of the past.