Hello, I'm Sharon, the Baby Quilt Lady

I am a mother of 4, wife, and retired teacher of Gifted Education for over 40 years, who has always been a lifelong learner with a passion for making baby quilts.

As a youngster, I learned the art of quilting and the love of sewing from my Grandmother, as I sat for hours with her listening to the hum of the sewing machine and watching her hands gently rock back and forth, as she created what I came to love as her beautiful patchwork quilts.

Many scores of my own baby quilts later, I decided to put this passion together with an up and coming venture idea –marketing on line. Thus, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique was born.

My baby quilts are soft, cuddly, and can be a wonderful touch and feel blanket, as well. What gives these crib quilts that added special touch? The fabric is called Minky, which is luxurious and silky soft. This fabric, which is perfect for baby quilts, resembles the real mink in touch and has a soft short pile that is as soft as cashmere. When mixed with the 100% cotton baby flannel in my quilts the look and feel adds a extra softness.

I’m really not an artist, but I am able to produce unique handmade baby quilts that keep your precious baby warm. Perhaps the baby quilts you’re investing in will someday be handed down, not just from your child but to your grandchild. Check out the many ideas for baby girl quilts or a handmade blanket for a little boy. These baby quilts are truly one-of-a-kind family heirlooms, unlike any others.

My handmade children’s quilts and homemade baby crib quilts, complete with hand sewn quilt bindings, are the perfect keepsake gift. They can be used as a baby christening gift or as special present to your new grandchild, office co-worker, or special friend. A handmade patchwork quilt will become a child’s quilt to last a lifetime.

Choosing a name for my handmade baby quilts is the hardest part of the process of creating each unique quilt. First, a list of possible ideas are gathered from family members and friends. I narrow those choices, before a final name is selected. When I design, and spend quality stitching time on each unique crib quilt, the final step of that special name must be chosen with care, as well.