Such an exciting time! A new baby is on the way. 

 Yet how do you find just the right unique gift? 

 One that will not be opened and tossed in the pile at the shower and be forgotten. One that the little one will grow out of in just a few weeks and maybe wear one or twice. 


Your hard earned dollars or your time needs to be well spent on a gift of a life time. 

 That gift is a unique handmade baby quilt.

Many handmade quilts use the patchwork process. 

 This involves assembling a number of different sizes pieces of different materials, and then stitching them together to create the finished quilt. This technique, called patchwork quilting, is done either by hand quilting or using the sewing machine.

Quilt designs range from the basic beginner to the advanced. 

If you are unsure of what design you might prefer, either take a trip to your local fabric store or go on line to the one of the many retail dealers for their collections of ideas and baby quilt patterns. 


If this is your first attempt at the art of quilting, it is best to keep your pattern simple. 

 Choose colors that are appropriate for the baby’s gender, unless you do not know that, than yellow or white is a safe choice.

Choose approximately 1 ¼ yd. coordinating fabrics for the back of your quilt or any amount given for the pattern you have chosen. Also purchase batting, thread that matches your fabric. 


Wash the fabric before starting to sew.

At this point you are ready to quilt. 


Place the backing fabric right side down on the floor. Put the batting down next. Place the pieced fabric on top of the batting right side up. 


Pin the fabrics and batting together starting from the center and working out. 


I recommend that you stretch all three layers before pinning. Using an old table and some large butterfly clamps, stretch your blanket securely in place to the table before you pin the layers together. 


Curved quilting pins are available at the quilt shops that make the pinning task easier. They have a rounded bottom and are perfect for the task.

Next, using a quilter’s pencil, you are ready to draw your quilting lines or design.

  Draw diagonal lines across a square or simply following the perimeter of the shape will give you a design and hold your blocks in place. Make your stitches even and sew through all layers.

There are many ways to create a binding for the quilt, but if you are just beginning simply trim the bottom fabric to 1/2″ longer on all sides than that of the top fabric and the batting. Fold the bottom fabric over the top, folding twice, making a 1/4″ fold. Sew on the fold the whole way around.

When it comes to giving that special shower gift for the new mother-to-be, the time and effort that you invest now on sewing and quilting a unique handmade baby quilt will become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique