Interested in tackling a baby quilt on your own?


Check out some of the following articles to learn more about the process and what you need to consider when embarking on the project.

Baby quilts are usually associated with grandmothers, but anyone can give a quilt to a baby. 

If you decide that you would like to learn baby quilt making , here are some tips.

  1. Although synthetic materials are often used, the lining should  be made of soft cotton, as baby’s skin is delicate and synthetic fabric causes reactions.

  2. Traditionally, quilts were made of worn out clothing and scraps, but for a baby, be sure to use new, high quality materials.

  3. Prewash fabric to be sure that it is colorfast.

  4. Use a fluffy batting to help keep the baby cozy.

How to start?  It is not difficult.


 Here are some of the things you will need:

  • Material for piecing and lining

  • Spray starch

  • Rotary ruler

  • Scissors

  • Rotary cutter

  • Needles

  • Sewing needles

  • Sewing machine

  • Threads

  • Cutting Board

  • Iron

  • Pins 

  • Batting

  • Pattern for baby quilt


  1. Buy 3 yards of cotton, select coordinating colors and designs. Nursery prints are great for baby quilts. Purchase all the other items you need from the list.

  2. Pre-wash the textile separately. Be convinced that the colors are fast and textile does not shrink. Iron it with the spray starch. Be sure to iron out any wrinkles.

  3. Add a complementary binding to the quilt.

Find out more about  beginner quilting patterns and instructions when you visit – the popular online portal on beginner pattern quilting by quilters around the world

Ready, set, go… It is not a race when I set out to design a new baby quilt.


Before I decide how I want my next baby quilt to look, I pull out the quilt books on my shelves, the magazines that I have sitting just waiting for me to leaf through their pages, and check out some of my patterns that I have saved either in boxes or on the computer files.


Through the years, I have learned to carry my camera or a sketch pad to quilt shows, or even in a quilt shop if I see a design that intrigues me. 


Filing that information away and waiting for a time when I just may use pieces or bits of those designs to get an inspiration for a baby quilt of my own.


Here are some of the starting points that I deem necessary to consider when designing a new baby quilt:


Decide on the style of baby quilt you would like to make. Is the baby quilt going to be a traditional patchwork, or more contemporary? Do you want to piece the quilt top or appliqué? Maybe a combination of the two?

Ask yourself what is going be the purpose of the new baby quilt. How much wear and tear will it receive and will the quilt be subject to repeated laundering? A baby’s quilt more often soiled, dragged on the floor may need to have a quick and easy design, as compared to a wall hanging or a bed quilt, that is well cared for.

Decide how much time you have available to denote to the baby quilt project. If you need to complete the quilt in a short period of time, select a pattern or design for your quilt that requires limited hours of your time to quilt. Yet, if you have the time to put into hand sewing or appliquéing a special baby quilt, choose an intricate design and put more effort into the quilting.

Fabric is always an important decision. If you choose a busy print this will hide the quilting design, use a cross-hatch grid or quilt in the ditch method. Place intricate and detailed quilting motifs on solid-color fabrics or tone-on-tone prints.

Remember that you also need to consider you own level of expertise. 


If you are just a beginning quilter, choose patterns and designs that are simple and require straight lines or grids. If you have the expertise to handle more advanced techniques, challenge yourself with the more intricate patterns, such as feather designs or if you machine quilt, meander or stipple quilting.

Once you are ready to bind your baby quilt, consider again your skill level, time constraints, how much use the baby quilt will receive, or whether the baby quilt has edges that are straight, irregular or curved.

I have one more important and vital part to the process that many quilters tend to skip.


 Photograph your baby quilt both from far away and close up shots. Keep these either in an album of all your treasured works of art that your print out at your local photo shop or store digitally, both on your computer and also on a back-up copy (CD or jump drive), just in case the technology fails.


A baby quilt is an heirloom and records should be kept.


The birth of a baby brings about numerous changes in a household. 


Most prospective parents start planning and buying items for their baby months before the delivery. 


Decorating a baby’s corner includes buying cribs, toys, and bedding material. 


One such important element is a baby quilt. These come in several sizes, catering to babies from various age groups.


It is important to understand an infant’s needs while purchasing a quilt. People purchasing baby quilts should always be attentive to see what material the quilt is made of. It is advisable to buy quilts made of soft yarn and fleece and fabrics such as ultra-soft 100% polyester.


If the baby is less than a year old, it is not necessary to use a quilt. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has discovered that babies are prone to suffocation on soft bedding if they lie on it face down. This may be the cause of about one-third of the incidents of sudden infant death syndrome. It is recommended that babies and quilts are not placed in the crib together as this increases the chance of suffocation.


Baby quilts maybe used to decorate the walls around an infant’s crib or used to fill the crib when baby is not in it. 


Thin quilts, which may seem worn out, are used to cover babies in the car or in the stroller. Once babies start identifying their belongings, the quilt may even prove to be a play area for them, or a prized possession.


It is not possible to determine an ideal size for a baby quilt, as babies tend to grow at a rapid rate. 


Sizes could be as small as the crib, between 29″x 45″ and 45″x 60″ or even larger. 


As infants start walking, some like to take their baby quilts with them at all times. Parents should take care that the quilt is not too large, because a toddler may trip over it and get hurt.


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Such an exciting time! A new baby is on the way. 


Yet how do you find just the right unique gift? 


One that will not be opened and tossed in the pile at the shower and be forgotten, or one the little one will grow out of in just a few weeks and maybe get to wear one or twice. 


Your hard earned dollars or your time needs to be well spent on a gift of a life time. 


That gift is a unique handmade baby quilt.

Many handmade quilts are sewn simply using the patchwork process. 


This involves assembling a number of different sizes pieces of different materials, and then stitching them together to create the finished quilt. This technique, called patchwork quilting, can be completed either by hand quilting or some prefer using the sewing machine.


Quilt designs range from the basic beginner to the advanced. 

If you are unsure of what design you might prefer, either take a trip to your local fabric store or go on line to the one of the many retail dealers for their collections of ideas and baby quilt patterns. 


If this is your first attempt at the art of quilting, it is best to keep your pattern simple. 


Choose colors that are appropriate for the baby’s gender, unless you do not know that, than yellow or white is a safe choice.


Choose approximately 1 ¼ yd. coordinating fabrics for the back of your quilt or any amount given for the pattern you have chosen. Also purchase batting, thread that matches your fabric. 


Wash the fabric before starting to sew.


At this point you are ready to quilt. 


Place the backing fabric right side down on the floor. Put the batting down next. Place the pieced fabric on top of the batting right side up. 


Pin the fabrics and batting together starting from the center and working out. 


I recommend that you stretch all three layers before pinning. Using an old table and some large butterfly clamps, stretch your blanket securely in place to the table before you pin the layers together. 


Also there are curved quilting pins available at the quilt shops that will make the pinning task easier to complete, due to the shape of the pin. They are rounded at the bottom and perfect for the task.


Next, using a quilter’s pencil, you are ready to draw your quilting lines or design.


 Draw diagonal lines across a square or simply following the perimeter of the shape will give you a design and hold your blocks in place. Make your stitches even and sew through all layers.


There are many ways to create a binding for the quilt, but if you are just beginning simply trim the bottom fabric to 1/2″ longer on all sides than that of the top fabric and the batting. Fold the bottom fabric over the top, folding twice, making a 1/4″ fold. Sew on the fold the whole way around.


When it comes to giving that special shower gift for the new mother-to-be, the time and effort that you invest now on sewing and quilting a unique handmade baby quilt will become a cherished keepsake for years to come.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

Aren’t those precious, soft, baby quilts irresistible?


You take a quick trip to that favorite fabric store, pushing the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles, and trying to choose just the right coordinating fabrics for your next quilt. 


The question in your mind right now or the problem you have to solve is how to choose the fabrics and what kind of quilt do you really want to make?


Amazingly, your fabric cart stops in front of the adorable and colorful baby fabrics. 


The pastel cotton prints and flannels seem to jump right off the shelf and into your cart. Ideas for baby quilts seem to flood your mind. 


The cotton knits made of 100 percent cotton in stripes, polka dots, and SEW many colors will become irresistible baby quilts or receiving blankets that are SEW soft, smooth, and stretchy.


Next, you spot the wide assortment of synthetic knits. Once you feel them, you will put those ultra-soft fabrics into your cart for the next baby quilts.


 You envision a variety of patterns that would be perfect with each of the yardages you have just selected. SEW much fabric is always available and SEW little time!


Another popular fabric that is used in baby quilts is flannel. 


Instead of hiding the seams, a popular pattern is the rag edged type quilt. In this pattern the seams are exposed and with each washing the seams fray making a decorative edging that is soft and cuddly for baby quilts.


Yes, baby quilts made with a combination of 100 percent cottons, cotton knits, and a few synthetic knits will be SEW much fun to make.


Most quilts are large bed quilts that take months to complete. 


Baby quilts, because of their smaller size, can be quilted in a shorter span of time. 


Depending on the patchwork pattern you choose, most average baby quilts range in size from 36” X 45” to 52” x 52.”


 Keeping the measurement of the quilt top’s width to less than 45” means the backing will fit on one piece of 45” fabric. This quick and easy method will not require a pieced backing for your any of the baby quilts.


Recently, you received an invitation to a special baby shower. 


This calls for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift. You can design one of many soft, irresistible baby quilts patchwork patterns, instead of shopping for a baby gifts in the mall stores or online. 


Take out those pattern books, pull out the newly purchased fabric, and even dig into your stash for other fabric samples. You can quilt your own baby shower gift in no time.


The perfect baby gifts come from the heart. 


The time you invest to create and design a special gift and your talent to create those special, soft, and irresistible baby quilts is time well spent.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

Where Do I Come Up With Ideas For My Baby Quilts

It may be in the middle of the night or on the way to the grocery store, I can get an idea for my baby quilts sometimes in the most unusual places.


I live in South Florida with a lake in my back yard. It is not uncommon to have the most unusual wild life in and around the water. A beautiful stork flew into the pine tree last week and though he may have flown for miles, chose to stand, as the species always does, on one leg. He or she posed long enough for me to take this photo. How appropriate, a stork came by, as I am looking for ideas for baby quilts!
Next, there was the mother duck and her 6 ducklings, but they were too shy for the camera and the photo just didn’t happen. The photo of that lovely scene, as they floated across the lake just didn’t happen, but they sure inspired me to pull out my stash when I came back into the house. Out came the blues, greens and yellows. I found 3 different prints of that had ducks that would shape nicely into some new baby quilts. Next, I pulled out patterns and matched the ideas and fabric together for at least two or three new baby quilt ideas.

Now, there is a great photo of a new neighbor that moved in last week…

unique baby quilt boutique new neighbor

I decided to check out my stash then run to my favorite fabric store. I will be sewing on my newest design for baby quilts and “Gator” lovers in Florida just wait for this one. (Sorry if you go to the other university). Hey! I told you ideas just come to me. I just have to be careful how close they get and not to feed them!

Now, if I want to stay on the tamer side of making baby quilts and go with a more traditional and do a patchwork style, then there is always a Fence Rail, Around the World, or Jig Saw Puzzle baby quilts. These simple patterns are based on the square or rectangle and are easily made and spruced up with color and texture.

When I design my baby quilts, I most often look first for fabrics. The soft baby flannels, minx, quilters cottons each bring a uniquely soft texture to these baby quilts, which allow for the cozy, cuddly feeling. The novelty and solid collection of colors and designs, adds to the gorgeous prints and plaids that make up the 100% cotton quilt flannel materials and cottons. These arrays of colors, designs for boys or girls are as endless as your imagination.

From the traditional trains, planes, ABC’s, and ducks for boys to the dolls, flowers, and kittens for girls, the patterns and designs you use, the materials, colors, and textures can now create many uniquely one-of-a-kind baby quilts.

By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

Observe a playground of 3 year olds playing for a few minutes. 


They are the busiest little independent group of individuals. Each can make you smile, cause you sleepless nights, and give you the most love and joy you have ever experienced in your life. 


As a quilter, designing a children’s quilt is much like these little ones on the playground. Each of the unique children’s quilts stand alone in a sea of other unique handmade baby quilts, yet all belong to the collection entitled, “Children’s Quilts.” 


The quilter smiles and sews, thinking of the child, who will cuddle under the quilt each night. Yet, those late nights spent making sure the children’s quilt meets with the high expectation of its maker, if not, long hours will be spent until the problem is resolved. 


But as the quilter adds the last stitches to the finished project, she knows that unique handmade quilt, will become another keepsake to her growing collection of the children’s quilts.


How does the story of each unique quilt begin? 


As a quilter commences her initial design work, thoughts grow and develop from the design board to the sewing machine.


 Each of her children’s quilts tells its own story, as the pieces are cut from carefully chosen fabrics, sewn carefully into patterns. The story’s is illustrated through color, design, and texture. 


Whether the quilter has a special child in mind, as she sews and quilts, or if the quilter is designing and quilting for the love of her art, either way, the children’s quilts come to life step by step. 


For example, the soft baby flannel that may be used in the piecing of a clown’s hat may evoke memories of a toy that the quilter’s son once played with in the nursery. 


The soft pink cotton that once was the out grown nightgown of a clumsy toddler is now the ballerina’s skirt in a children’s quilt of a graceful little girl, who grew up and now loves to show her Mommy how much she loves to dance, instead of crawling around the house. 


Or the blue jean train on the newly finished children’s quilt which was once a little boy’s first pair of dungarees. Tonight, when he goes to bed, and hugs his handmade children’s quilt, the story can be told again about the little train on that special children’s quilt, a keepsake for years to come, with a story to tell.


Take time to quilt.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique


Baby Quilt Safety – Ribbons and Bows



Little girls and their baby quilts just go hand in hand with buttons and bows – right? Think again.


Those pink and lacy decorations create a baby quilt with the little girl or princess touch. A bow here or a few small buttons there are lovely adornments. How could these few, simple additions, which dress up the baby quilt, become such a hazard to a baby or a young child?


A child loves to play with anything they can touch and pull on. No matter how securely you place and sew on the buttons with good quilting thread. Over time they will wear with the constant everyday child’s play and eventually be pulled off. The buttons can be easily be swallowed by the child.


Ribbons and bows can also become a problem but they do not have to be detached to become a hazard. 


Babies can twist their little fingers in and around the ribbon cutting off the circulation to their small hands or even the toes. During sleep these small fingers and toes can be caught in the bow causing the same loss of blood flow to the extremity. 


Even though, as in a button, the quilter might securely attach the bow to the baby quilt, over time these bows and ribbons will also become loose and break from overuse. Depending on the length of the ribbon, strangulation could result if the child were to put the ribbon around their neck.


If you plan to have the quilt as wall hanging with all the buttons, bows, and other attachments that would bring out the best of your work because little fingers will not have access to these tiny little parts, think carefully. 


As you secure these attachments to the baby quilt, do so with quilting thread and be sure you have knotted them tightly in place. 


Many families place a wall quilt over the baby’s crib or cradle and having any of these attachment falls off would be dangerous to the child.


 If the quilt hangs low enough for a toddler to crib and those ribbons are within their grasp, these become a source of enticement to pull and play with them. 


Hence, the problems that result in cutting off the circulation or possible strangulation are still within the baby’s reach.


Little girls with their buttons and bows are probably best left to story books until they are older. Safety should be first when designing your baby quilts.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

You know how hard it is to select or make a choice of baby quilts for your shower gift or the mother-to-be. 


There are all types of materials and all patterns to choose from, like 100% cotton that keep your baby snuggly warm or the pretty pastels of blue, pink, yellow and green. 


Of all the choices of baby quilts, making a selection that is just right could take hours on the Internet, and to top it off, you just found out the mother-to-be is having twins! 


Yikes, you now need to find two baby quilts that are either alike or similar. I understand what you going through and I have some great tips on how to find the perfect baby quilts for the twins.


Time is always a factor these days. So if you are like me, you don’t have much to waste searching the many sites looking for two baby quilts that are alike for the twins.


 I have twin cousins, two friends with twins, and another on the way. Being a quilter, I was able to make the baby shower gifts for these mothers-to-be, but then I had questions from everyone at the shower asking where could they find two baby quilts alike.


Let me give you some great advice on how to find those great baby quilts for twins:


1. Many times a quilt site will have two baby quilts that are the exact same pattern but are different colors. Try this option. If the twins are a boy and a girl, look for either pinks or blues or try for either of the yellows and green combinations. Many times a quilter will design many baby quilts using a single pattern but change the color.


2. Try looking for the same color combinations and fabric but don’t worry if the pattern is different. Often a quilter will purchase fabric in quantities and from that amount create many quilts with the same fabrics and color combinations but will change the patterns and designs. This will give you an excellent opportunity for baby quilts for twin girls or boys, since the colors will match but each will have their unique design to identify with.


3. I know of all the baby quilts on the Internet, you have found just the one you want and there is ONLY one. There is always an e-mail address of the quilter attached to the website. If this quilt was made once, and you ask nicely, the quilter just might make a matching set.


4. The last and final option does exist, but there are baby quilts that have an exact duplicate if you want two to match. I do not mean that you have to purchase from a department store that has hundreds from a catalog. Many quilters do like to recreate their baby quilts, so if you only see one on the website, again an e-mail to the quilter might just land you a surprise that there is an exact match in her inventory.


Now, enjoy shopping for the baby quilts for your shower gift or the mother-to-be.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

My baby quilts are soft, cuddly, and can be a wonderful touch and feel blanket, as well.

What gives the quilts that added special touch? 


The fabric is called minky, which is luxurious and silky soft. This fabric, which is perfect for baby quilts, resembles the real mink in touch and has a soft short pile that is as soft as cashmere.


Now if you are a quilter and are interested in using minky or minx as it is sometimes referred to, here are some of my tips from using the material in mybaby quilts that may come in handy.

  •  Before you begin sewing any of your baby quilts with minky, make sure you note the nap and cut pieces accordingly if you want the nap to lay in a particular direction.

  •  Minky will not shrink when you wash it, so be sure to pre-wash all the other fabrics since they may.

  • ·Be prepared for fuzz when you cut. Use the rotary cutter and I highly suggest that you take your pieces outside to shake them off or put them in the dryer on the air dry cycle (NO heat).

  • ·Test your stitch length on a scrap piece of minky material before your start.

  • ·Pin to be sure the minky stays in place. The more you pin the better.

  • ·Use a walking foot so that the material does not slip when sewing.

  • ·Use a ½” seam allowance since minky tends to curl.

  • ·DO NOT iron minky directly. Place minky face down and use a towel and press gently low heat or use steam.

  • ·Clean the machine’s throat plate, feed dog, and bobbin case OFTEN. The fuzz can make a mess and clog the parts of your sewing machine.

  •  If you hand quilt, skip these pieces, or quilt around them. It will fluff the minky or make them more pronounced

  • ·If you machine quilt, use a low loft quilt batting or skip the batting altogether if you have your baby quilts are entirely made from minky.


Babies love that soft touch. Placing minky into your baby quilts adds the extra softness.


I have purchased minky in lines and dots, strips and novelty prints, plus every color of the rainbow, which makes it easy to use in your baby quilts. On the internet or at your favorite quilt shop, it is available by the yard or by the bolt for the quilts that you want to add just a few patches or ones that you would an entire quilt made.


SEW let’s make a minky soft baby quilt today.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

Quilts are a type of bedding that are made of a colorful quilt top, a layer of cotton batting, and a layer of fabric, which is used to provide a firm support and backing. All these layers are combined together using the technique of quilting. 


While the primary purpose of a quilt is to be used as a bedcover, several quilts are made for the specific purpose of decorating our homes.


Quilts come in various sizes with a variety of beautiful designs. While machine-made quilts are easy to make, the real beauty lies in handmade quilts. 


Handmade quilts were initially made as necessities by women to earn a living and keep their families warm.


 Of recent, quilts are developed more as an art piece than as utility items. These exquisite quilts were hard to make during earlier times, as the women did not have sewing machines for assistance. 


The handmade quilts were made from patches or small squares of different colors put together with a backing. These wonderful works of art were passed down through the generations with a sense of pride.


The material used in the manufacture of these quilts was rarely new. 


Pieces of worn out clothing were sewn together at random to create different designs and patterns. This gave the women a wider scope for imagination, which resulted in some truly unique designs.


Handmade quilts tend to be sturdier than machine-made ones and also keep a person much warmer. 


Moreover, as a lot of manpower is put into making these quilts, they are more expensive than the machine-made variety. 


Today, handmade quilts are made more for their aesthetic beauty than anything else. Many of them are items of excellent craftsmanship; they highlight the prowess of the quilt maker.


Handmade quilts are not only great for decorating ones home, but also make unique gifts to fit any occasion.


Quilts provides detailed information on Quilts, Quilt Pattern, Handmade Quilts, Baby Quilts and more. Quilts is affiliated with Down Comforters


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Often when a couple are expecting their first child they will receive lots of gifts from family and friends. 


One of the gifts that they are likely to receive in all this as well as diapers, toys and clothing will be a baby quilt. However although these can be brought readily today it is much nicer if they receive one that has been made with love from someone who cares.


In many cases a baby quilt which has been made by hand and handed to the couple will be treasured for years to come and often will be passed down from one generation to the next. 


So choosing the right type of baby quilt pattern can often be very difficult because of the large variety of patterns now available. The most common types of patterns used for baby’s quilts include trains, planes, boats, ducks and letters of the alphabet.


All the patterns available will provide the quilter with a general idea of what they will need to produce the quilt as well as detailed instructions on how to make the complete product.


 Actually getting hold of a baby quilt is not that difficult as there are plenty of books and also websites that offer 100’s of different patterns for a person to choose from. There are even some sites which will offer you the chance to get hold of patterns completely for free.


The great thing about a baby quilt is not only can it be used around the crib, but also to provide a cover inside the crib when the baby is not in it. 


It could even be used as a decorative wall hanging if the parents so wish. 


However at no stage should it be used as method for keeping the baby warm at night, because of the risk of suffocation.


 However it could in fact be used during the day when they are sleeping in your arms or in order to prevent a chill whilst out with them whilst out for a walk with them in their stroller.


If you’re making a baby quilt for an expectant couple it is best if you choose colors which are either neutral or bold, but do not stick to one prevalent color such as blue or pink. A lot of couples will not tell others the sex of their baby until it is born so keeping away from pink and blue is a good option.


If you want to learn more about baby quilts, click over to Heather’s site at Or click here to get 3 Free Reports about quilting

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In most cases when young couples expecting their first child they receive a whole pile of gifts. They can include anything from diapers, toys and clothing, usually more than the child could ever need. 


But like everything else in life, the best things can’t be bought. They are made with love by the grandparents and other family members of the new arrival. 


One example of this could be a homemade blanket for the baby. With hours of love, time and skill invested in it, a baby quilt becomes an heirloom that is often passed down from one generation to the next, choosing baby quilt patterns becomes part of the process.


Choo-choos, airplanes, alphabet letters, boats and duckies are often a favorite baby quilt patterns. 


The patterns give the quilter a general idea of what they need and also detailed instructions on how to complete the project. 


If you’ve never attempted to make a quilt yourself you may even want to take a lesson but you can usually find at a local community center or junior college.


Most communities offer local citizens the opportunity to take different classes that may interest them. In some places this may include a quilting class. For anyone that is considering fashioning a baby quilt pattern this is an ideal place to learn how to do it.


Usually these programs encourage you to bring in your own supplies and patterns. 


This is perfect for someone considering baby quilt patterns. It’s great because you can actually work in the quilt that you want to make at the same time you are learning how to make it. The instructor is there to guide you every step of the way.


If you’re not sure what design you should use, take a trip down to the closest fabric store and take a look at their collection of baby quilt patterns. 


If it is your first attempt at quilting, remember to keep it simple. A lot of the time less is more. This may mean something like the sky with some white clouds. 


Many people decide on a patchwork design even for baby quilt patterns. Pink and blue are always appropriate colors for babies so you really can’t go wrong with that. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, than white or yellow is a safe, neutral choice.


It won’t take long and after you learn the basic skills you view to make just about any baby quilt patterns that you like. You’ll become a real pro in no time.


 A really nice gesture is for several women in a family to contribute to the project.


If you want to do this, simply photocopy the baby quilt patterns you are using and when the quilt is passed around, everyone will know what to do and you can even do this all living in different parts of the country. Then when each component is finished you can appoint someone to put them together.


The new parents will be overjoyed by the thoughtful gift and it will remain a treasure long after the baby has grown.


 Who knows, chances are the baby will one day give the baby quilt pattern to their own child.


Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning babies. Get the information you are seeking now by visiting Baby Quilt Patterns.

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This is What You Should Consider When Buying Baby Shower Gifts


When your friend is having a baby, you think of very many things and one of them is, the kind of gift you are going to get for her baby shower. You do not have to be weary. 


The internet provides so many ideas and one can only choose from the various selection of gifts. It is vital however to take some time and put in writing the favorites of the mother to be. 


After you have figured out what she would like, find something that is similar or comes close to it. It may be a color, a certain style or make that would definitely tickle her fancy. One does not have to worry about the expense because baby items come suited to your budget.


Make the gifts as special as possible. 


Go the extra mile for your friend. Let it be the gift that she can remember even after the baby is born. 


The only way to ensure this is to make the whole process of searching personal. When things are thought from the heart, they have an impact that is huge; it suggests love. Not just love for the parents to be but, for the new baby that is due to be born.


 If you know the sex of the baby, you are a step ahead. If it is a boy you have to pick less bright colors and a girl likes a bit of the brighter ones. Blue is popular for boys while pastel pink is always a favorite to the girls. Toys like trucks are better suited for the boys while dolls are for girls. Such fundamental rules should not be forgotten.


A general guideline on what to get can be gotten when you consider the following. 

Will the mother to be like the gift? If you are not sure of her preference, you can ask her husband or close family. Then if you still do not have an idea, put a baby picture in your head. 


What is suitable for a baby’s head? You will find that you can get many things including caps, baby hair gel, comb and others. It will be good if you buy the full set of these. It will make a huge impression. 


Baby cloths are also a good gift to get. Buy them in a particular theme because it will show that you have put some thought into it. The materials need to be soft and comfortable for a new born. When it comes to the legs, one has the option to get a variety of baby shoes and socks.


Think of what a baby uses like bottles and pacifiers. Toys and baby blankets.


 Once you have decided, get then in modern and elegant designs. Look for unique collections to purchase. Then you can inscribe your message or have it customized. 


Baby quilts are quite popular and they come in various colors and the right sizes. 


Get the most distinct gifts that you think will make a great baby shower gift. You will need to wrap it up in an attractive wrapping. You must make sure your gifts are pretty and colorful. 


There are very many gifts. You can only give your best and your best is good enough.


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Did You Ever Record Your Quilts?


I heard a story where the house was broken into, the family was robbed of their valuable possessions.  


Amazingly enough, these smart folks under the guidance of the insurance company had a photo record of their jewelry, the important records, and other valuable possessions in their home.    The robber, who got away with all of these prized possessions and never recovered stolen property, took a few more items that were not photographed.


To transport all of the “loot” the robber used the quilts from each of the beds in the house.  One was an heirloom made and handed down from the Grandmother, who had died recently and given the quilt as memory gift.  The other quilts were made over the years with stories of their own.  Valuable, no, these were priceless.


When a quilter designs, sews, and finishes each of her quilts, hours of her life goes into each and every one.   From the design of the quilts, to the fabric that are chosen, each of the quilts has a unique and special story hidden behind the rows  or sewn into each of the appliquéd  patches.


Quilters are so busy with the daily efforts of putting together the quilts, that taking photos of the finished product or keeping record of each one is not a top priority.


Ladies, fellow quilters, let us learn from just this story.  Our time, our talents, and our love of our craft is to be shared, BUT not stolen by another who sees no value in its content.


Cover yourself (no pun intended), and photograph every quilt and keep either a physical book of them or a digital one.

  • Use a digital camera and photograph each step of the process

  • Store the photos of your quilts on more than one media.  For example:  Store the photos of the quilts on the hard drive of the computer, but burn a CD of them as well.  All too many times a computer can have a problem, files can be lost, and therefore, the photos of your quilts will also be done for good.

  • Take photos of not only the entire project, but close up views of the quilts.  If the quilts are lost or stolen, having these will help in the identification process.

  • Using a permanent marker, date the CD of your quilts.

  • Place the CD of the quilts, with the photographed valuable items.  Remembering to update as you complete more quilts.

  • The printed version of the quilts is also wonderful.  Take the CD to a local printer, and buy a photo album.   If scrap booking is not your idea of fun, then just put the photos of the quilts into the album for later viewing.


Even if you are never need of it for a legal reason, share the CD or photo album of your quilts with your friends.

By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique 

With a treadle machine and foot power, cardboard templates, and many hours at the quilt frame, my Grandma perfected her talent of quilting. Each colorful bed quilt and creative and unique baby quilt sewed by her skilled hands without the modern day tools to today’s quilters. 


I often wonder what Grandma would think if she would be alive to quilt today?


Grandma told me stories about she learned to quilt by hand from her great aunt, since her mother had died when she only age 13. During those days, to quilt was a necessity for a young girl. Since my Grandma was the oldest child, the making of a quilt to keep the younger ones warm on those cold Pennsylvania winter nights was not a craft but survival.


Once married, an electric machine brought speed to the quilt process. Now Grandma learned to save even more time when constructing a block and learned to sew using the assembly line process. I remember her telling me how she so often, while trying to save thread, while chaining triangles, and butting the pairs of patches against each other, would overlap them. Her best friend became her stitch ripper!


 If Grandma would be here today, I would love to show her how to sew half square triangles. Not only could Grandma make triangles in half the time, but they would never overlap.


Grandma’s templates were always unique. 


Some were copied from the wrapping of her batting, others from her friends and fellow quilters, but the common component of all the templates were that they were cut by scissors from any type of cardboard Grandma could find. 


Her favorite quilt pattern, the Double Wedding Ring, was cut out from a discarded Tootsie Roll box.


 The interesting designs of each cardboard quilt template were not accurate when tracing or sewing. Though Grandma kept her sewing scissors extremely sharp and they were only used to cut quilt material, I can only imagine whether she would embrace the rotary cutter and ruler methods of today or lean towards the plastic templates and her trusty scissors to construct her quilt blocks. 


The rotary cutter has replaced the tedious one patch at-a-time cutting process, which helps to mass produce commonly used shapes in a quilt. Besides speed this method is highly accurate. 


Could Grandma have made the change to the modern world of today and quilt with the tools of today’s quilters?


Today the treadle machine sits idly in my living room, a beautiful reminder of days gone by. Those cardboard quilt pieces are securely and lovingly tucked away, yet one part of Grandma is here today. The soothing rhythm of hand quilting, which takes layers of material and with tiny stitches made by hand, creates a quilt, an heirloom for posterity.


Grandma, thank you for sharing your love of quilting. I wonder what you would say about the tools of the quilters today, if I would have the opportunity to share them with you. One thing is for certain, I know you would be pleased to see this granddaughter has learned the art and skill of the quilter.


Time to quilt!


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique


How hard can it be to find a baby shower gift?


The invitation arrived for a special friend or maybe your niece or granddaughter.


This means no ordinary shower gift will do for this present has to be unique, special, and stand out at the shower.

One that will not be tossed aside after a few statement of “Wow how nice,” or “So cute,” and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.

One that will bring has everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch.

One that will bring tears of your to the eyes of the new mom, as she visualizes her new baby with this new baby cuddled in the new gift

One that won’t get put into a dresser drawer to be forgotten after the thank you note has been written and the tags removed.

One that the baby won’t outgrow in a few weeks or even a month because babies tend to grow so fast at those early stages.

One that the new mom won’t already have the same gift or get one at the shower maybe in a different color or pattern design.

Now were does such a baby shower gift exist?


Think of your own small child and remember those good times and what they kept snuggled close by with them at night, dragged around daily until it was so thread bare you were afraid to wash it for fear their precious treasure may just not hold together. Yes, it was their favorite baby quilt or blanket.


A baby shower gift of a handmade baby quilt will be the solution to that shower dilemma.


Can’t you just picture the baby shower?

The mother-to-be is opening your gift and holding your handmade baby quilt for all to see. A gift so unique a different from anything she has opened from others at the shower. 


Tears spring into her eyes as she cuddles the soft cotton flannel to her cheeks and dreams of the little one that will soon be in her arms wrapped in that baby quilt. In a flurry, everyone in the room wants to take a closer look, touch the soft fabrics, and see the handmade stitches that make your baby shower gift one-of-a-kind.


You did it!


A unique baby shower gift and a handmade baby quilt to last a lifetime.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

The excited mother-to-be carefully unwraps each present, thanks the giver of each, and receives and expresses a kind sentiment of how the new baby may look or feel about the newest unwrapped baby shower gift. 


The box next in the pile of presents to be unwrapped, not only draws special attention of the new mother-to-be, but the handmade baby quilt inside is passed around for all in the room to get a closer look and feel the soft baby flannel, comment on the unique handmade baby shower gift and the time and care that must have gone into creating such a beautiful and unique handmade baby quilt. 


As you see the faces of those admiring your handiwork, you realize that the time you have invested sewing and quilting this unique handmade baby quilt, just for the new mother-to-be and her new baby, was worth every minute of the time you spent.


Time – what an interesting term to a quilter. 


From the moment you draw your design idea, choose just the right fabrics, cut them apart and begin to sew those pieces back again into one special handmade baby quilt, it all takes time. Many hours are spent in solitude, with just the hum of the sewing machine as your companion.


 As the unique baby quilt takes shape, your time is spent cutting and sewing, and a bit of ripping, once in awhile. When your sewing machine finally needs a rest, you’re ready to quilt. 


The needles and thread are prepared, the quilt is stretched on the frame, and your hands mimic the machine as they go through the motions of hand quilting. This procedure is done by sewing the layers, (quilt top, batting, backing) together to produce the finished handmade baby quilt.


 Finishing touches are completed with a binding that borders the perimeter of the quilt.


 As your unique, handmade baby quilt has come to life, the quilter will lovingly attach a name to the creation. Your time and talents have given birth to a new creation made of cloth and your hard work, and destined to spend its life, forever, with the baby, covered in its warmth.


Remember that shower gift that was given to the mother-to-be? That little baby grew up? 


Years later, of all of the wonderful and beautiful gifts that the new mother was given at the baby shower, which one would you still see in the nursery today?


The child may still be sleeping with that handmade baby quilt or it may be neatly folded at the foot of the bed. 


Can you see that quilt being dragged around as you visualize the “little one” with his/her thumb in his/her mouth. 


Yes, the handmade baby quilt may be well worn, well loved, but a lasting keepsake. 


This was one gift from that baby shower that was not outgrown or placed somewhere in the closest or drawer, with no unusable purpose. Every minute you’ve spent stitching with love on that handmade baby quilt, added to the lasting keepsake for that special “little one.”


Take time to quilt.


By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique