The excited mother-to-be carefully unwraps each present, thanks the giver of each, and receives and expresses a kind sentiment of how the new baby may look or feel about the newest unwrapped baby shower gift.

The box next in the pile of presents to be unwrapped, not only draws special attention of the new mother-to-be, but the handmade baby quilt inside is passed around for all in the room to get a closer look and feel the soft baby flannel, comment on the unique handmade baby shower gift and the time and care that must have gone into creating such a beautiful and unique handmade baby quilt.

As you see the faces of those admiring your handiwork, you realize that the time you have invested sewing and quilting this unique handmade baby quilt, just for the new mother-to-be and her new baby, was worth every minute of the time you spent.

Time – what an interesting term to a quilter.

From the moment you draw your design idea, choose just the right fabrics, cut them apart and begin to sew those pieces back again into one special handmade baby quilt, it all takes time.

Many hours are spent in solitude, with just the hum of the sewing machine as your companion. As the unique baby quilt takes shape, your time is spent cutting and sewing, and a bit of ripping, once in awhile.

When your sewing machine finally needs a rest, you’re ready to quilt. The needles and thread are prepared, the quilt is stretched on the frame, and your hands mimic the machine as they go through the motions of hand quilting. This procedure is done by sewing the layers, (quilt top, batting, backing) together to produce the finished handmade baby quilt.

Finishing touches are completed with a binding that borders the perimeter of the quilt. As your unique, handmade baby quilt has come to life, the quilter will lovingly attach a name to the creation. Your time and talents have given birth to a new creation made of cloth and your hard work, and destined to spend its life, forever, with the baby, covered in its warmth.

Remember that shower gift that was given to the mother-to-be? That little baby grew up?

Years later, of all of the wonderful and beautiful gifts that the new mother was given at the baby shower, which one would you still see in the nursery today?

The child may still be sleeping with that handmade baby quilt or it may be neatly folded at the foot of the bed.

Can you see that quilt being dragged around as you visualize the “little one” with his/her thumb in his/her mouth.

Yes, the handmade baby quilt may be well worn, well loved, but a lasting keepsake.

This was one gift from that baby shower that was not outgrown or placed somewhere in the closest or drawer, with no unusable purpose. Every minute you’ve spent stitching with love on that handmade baby quilt, added to the lasting keepsake for that special “little one.”

Take time to quilt.


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