Here’s a helpful guide to choosing the right baby quilt.

The birth of a baby brings about numerous changes in a household. Most prospective parents start planning and buying items for their baby months before the delivery. Decorating a baby’s corner includes buying cribs, toys, and bedding material. One such important element is a baby quilt.

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These come in several sizes, catering to babies from various age groups.

It is important to understand an infant’s needs while purchasing a quilt. People purchasing baby quilts should always be attentive to see what material the quilt is made of. It is advisable to buy quilts made of soft yarn and fleece and fabrics such as ultra-soft 100% polyester.

If the baby is less than a year old, it is not necessary to use a quilt. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has discovered that babies are prone to suffocation on soft bedding if they lie on it face down. This may be the cause of about one-third of the incidents of sudden infant death syndrome. I

The Commission recommends that you do not place babies and quilts the crib together as this increases the chance of suffocation.

Baby quilts maybe used to decorate the walls around an infant’s crib or used to fill the crib when baby is not in it. Thin quilts, which may seem worn out, can cover babies in the car or in the stroller. Once babies start identifying their belongings, the quilt may even prove to be a play area for them, or a prized possession.

It is not possible to determine an ideal size for a baby quilt, as babies tend to grow at a rapid rate. Sizes could be as small as the crib, between 29″x 45″ and 45″x 60″ or even larger. As infants start walking, some like to take their baby quilts with them at all times. Parents should be sure that the quilt is not too large, because a toddler may trip over it and get hurt.

We hope this baby quilt guide was helpful.

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