The handmade baby quilt clearance sale continues at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, and that gives you an extra chance to save some cash on the ideal baby gift you’ve been looking for. Why ideal? Here are just three of the reasons:

Handmade Baby Quilts Last

Those little outfits you’ve been considering will be in and out of the nursery closet in no time at all. That precious little baby is growing fast, and sometimes clothes shrink, so the clothing you select is going to have a very short time to be useful. But the hand-sewn baby quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady will be a crib companion to the newborn and a treasured friend all through toddlerhood and beyond. That’s because the quilt can go from crib to carriage to car seat in a flash. It can be the portable crib mat when the baby sleeps in unfamiliar surroundings and the cozy lap robe when Grandma is telling a story. It will serve as a play mat when its toy time on the floor, and, because it has such an artful design, it can be mounted on a wall for an eye-pleasing accent to the nursery.

Handmade Baby Quilts Can Be Personalized

You’d love to present this new baby with something that’s completely different from all the other gifts at the shower, and the handmade baby quilts for boys and girls at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique give you that opportunity. There are so many styles to choose from, that even in the clearance selection, you will find a design that has meaning for the baby and the family.  A dress is a dress is a dress, but a quilt with a print that relates to the family’s interests or lifestyle will be so much more appreciated. And each design is one of a kind.

Handmade Baby Quilts Have a Future

Frog in Dots
Frog in Dots

Not only will your gift of a baby quilt handmade by The Baby Quilt Lady with the strongest materials and best techniques last through all the challenges a baby’s life presents, but it will be around to delight another generation of the family.  What a cherished heirloom this child will have to pass on to his or her children!

Act Now to Get a Handmade Baby Quilt on Sale

All the quality and care that The Baby Quilt Lady puts into each and every quilt for girls and boys means the price has to be more than anonymous, mass-produced offshore products. But as spring rolls in, she’s longing to reduce her inventory, so now’s your chance. Pick up a beautiful, one-of-kind, handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and save some money. This will solve your problem for an upcoming baby shower and maybe another that will be happening in the near future.  Contact The Baby Quilt Lady to find the quilt that will loved by the baby, treasured by the family, and appreciated by your pocketbook.

The handmade baby quilt clearance sale continues.