“From my hands — to your heart!”

How perfect when designing a handmade baby quilt.

When I found this quote, I thought of all the little ones that would snuggle in my handmade quilts on those cold winter nights or could play on the homemade baby quilt instead of the bare floor.

I set to work making each of my handmade baby quilt unique and different.  Each pattern and color will grow and develop from my design board to the sewing machine. The pieces are cut from carefully chosen fabrics, and sewn in a special handmade baby quilt.  Each handmade baby quilt tells its own story, illustrated through color, design, and texture.

Whether the quilter has a special baby in mind, as she sews and each handmade babe quilt, or if the quilter is designing and quilting for the love of her art, either way, the handmade baby quilt come to life step by step.  For example, the soft baby flannel that may be used in the piecing of a teddy bear’s hat may evoke memories of a toy that the quilter’s son once played with in the nursery.  The soft pink cotton that once was the out grown pajamas is now the ballerina’s skirt in a handmade baby’s quilt of a graceful little girl, who grew up and now loves to show her Mommy how much she loves to dance, instead of crawling around the house.  Or the blue jean train on the newly finished baby’s quilt which was once a little boy’s first pair of dungarees.  Tonight, when he goes to bed, and hugs his handmade baby quilt, the story can be told again about the little train on that special handmade baby’s quilt, a keepsake for years to come, with a story to tell.

How wonderful to be able to create a gift, a handmade baby quilt,  that will last a lifetime.

Time to quilt a new handmade baby quilt!