Penguins Make Unique Handmade Baby Quilts Penguins make unique handmade baby quilts.  When you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you want something completely different from everything else in the stack.  Think penguins to get you there. Here’s why:  Penguins Are Media Stars.   Movies such as Happy Feet, TheContinue Reading

Prints Put Pizzazz into Handmade Baby Quilts When they open gifts of  handmade baby quilts at the shower, they’ll see something other gifts lack: Personality. That quilt will say, “Look at me, folks, I’m something special! “ Why do handmade baby quilts for boys and girls stand head and shouldersContinue Reading

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Baby quilts, balloons, books, and many more beautiful and unique props add to first photos for newborns.   There is no greater miracle than the birth of a baby and no lovelier way to capture the moments of those first days than with specialty photography. With a joint effort, Unique BabyContinue Reading