In the blink of an eye, little babies are cool little kids, bopping around the playground in their favorite tees. Now homemade baby quilts designed with real baby t-shirts deliver the sandbox fashion favorite to the crib set. The t-shirts incorporated into handmade baby quilts will appeal to all littleContinue Reading

Easy steps in sewing a t-shirt quilt. Interested? Old shirts transformed into a t-shirt quilt can be a lifetime of memories. Here are a few pointers to follow when sewing a t-shirt quilt: The instructions are based on a 15″ finished square T-shirt block. The quilt will eventually have the sameContinue Reading

Graduation is upon us and a t-shirt quilt may just the perfect gift for the graduate. Find out if the graduate has a dresser drawer or closet full of old t-shirts.  It is time to clean out the drawers as the graduate thinks about going off to college or theContinue Reading