Binding bewilderment puts makers of homemade baby quilts in a bind. There’s a great big obstacle that keeps many makers of handmade baby quilts from finishing their projects. They love to buy the fabrics, and their minds are filled with ideas for baby keepsake quilt patterns, so they go toContinue Reading

12 Days of Learning to Quilt Learning anything new always takes time and patience just as learning to quilt.  Here are the 12 days of learning to quilt as I have helped a friend make her first baby quilt. Day 1 – Think back to the days of learning toContinue Reading

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Improving the stitches of handmade baby quilts can be completed with a few very basic guidelines.  Though quilting stitches can be as personal to a quilter as their fingerprint, following these standards can help the quilter make improvements. To begin, analyze your quilting stitch by doing some quilt stitching.  MakeContinue Reading

Steps in making a baby clothes quilt are easy to follow. When finished, you will have made a keepsake baby quilt from outfits that you have been saving because they each have special sentimental value.   A lovely dress that a friend or family member has made for your little girlContinue Reading