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How Do You Choose Fabric for The Quilt

How do you choose fabric for the quilt? Do you love baby quilts with animal prints?  Maybe the design on the fabric you use for the quilt are the favorite little lady bugs or the ever popular butterfly. Starting to choose fabric for the quilt is a important decision, whether you are quilting one or …

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Handmade Baby Quilts and New Babies

Every new mom has a story to tell about handmade baby quilts and new babies.  The road to holding her new baby in her arms are sometimes a bit bumpy.  Some roads are more rocky and longer than others. Handmade baby quilts tell many stories. As a mother of 4, I truly understand the long hard …

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Good Friends Are Like Baby Quilts, They Never Lose Their Warmth.”

“Good friends are like baby quilts, they never lose their warmth.”

Despite the long day at the job that pays the bills, taking time out for my craft group each week is a must. This group of wonderful ladies has been meeting each week with our crafts. There are a variety of talents being showcased from hand quilting to rug making, from crocheting to knitting and even cross stitching to mending. But whatever each chooses to bring with them that evening to keep their hands occupied, the room is always filled with the spirit of friendship and the joy of being out of the house without the kids and husbands for the night!