ladybugs handmade baby quilt

Ladybugs in handmade baby quilts are perfect for little girls.
Creepy-crawly things are not always cause for joy, but ladybugs are an exception. These cute little polka-dotted insects are so pleasing to see that they have been incorporated into artful creations from coffee mugs to earrings to baby quilts! Continue Reading

Five ways Handmade Baby quilts are great for new babies. Keep that new baby warm with a handmade baby quilt now that Fall has arrived and temperatures are falling. There’s no better way to protect a newborn from the brisk breezes of the season than with a hand-sewn baby quiltContinue Reading

Four ways handmade baby quilts send love to the loves in your life are with their uniqueness, their personal nature, their security and their constancy. Here’s how: They’re One of a Kind How many times does anyone have the opportunity to own something that’s one of a kind? Rarely, ifContinue Reading