Four Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Make Super Holiday Gifts are their uniqueness, their versatility, their longevity and their easiness on you. They’re One of a Kind When you want to gift the special babies in your life with holiday presents that stand out from all the rest, The Baby QuiltContinue Reading

Still Time to Buy Unique Baby Quilt Gifts The mall crowds are expanding and your stress is increasing as you search for gifts for the babies in your life.  Will it fit? Will it shrink? Will it break? Will it last?  Relief lies in handmade baby quilts for boys andContinue Reading

 Handmade Baby Quilts and Cats Have Nine Lives If you’re thinking about buying a homemade baby quilt for the new little one in your life, you’re looking for eye-appeal, usefulness, and staying power. Compared to the clothes that will be discarded, and the gear that will be outgrown, handmade babyContinue Reading

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Most everything that’s soft makes us happy, whether it’s the gentle voice of our favorite singer crooning a romantic ballad, or the soothing squishiness of our pillow as we slide into sleep. Little babies also crave the comfort of softness, but safety concerns limit their ability to enjoy it. Limited,Continue Reading