Baby Quilts for Sale – Are They Worth It?

With the holidays coming up soon, can you find baby quilts for sale.  Are they worth it?  Buying gifts this time of year puts a big hole in everyone’s pocket, so naturally you’re going to think twice about buying handmade baby quilts for the little ones in your life. As you ponder the decision, think about this:

Baby Quilts Are Versatile

Homemade baby quilts for boys and girls start delivering pleasure as soon as moms deliver their new babies.  The soft baby flannel gives warmth to the new little one, and the unusual patterns add cheerfulness to the nursery, so they’re a decor accessory, too.   They transfer easily to the car and carriage, so that the baby’s familiar crib companion is still providing comfort in many new situations. Later, that same quilt will make a nifty play mat for the baby in his own home or in other settings. And when it’s time to read the baby a story, the quilt makes the perfect wrap for child and reader, boosting the closeness of that special parent-child activity.  Sure, you can buy a cheaper gift that’s a one-trick pony, but why would you when you can get a unique homemade baby quilt that has so many uses?

Baby Quilts Can Be Lifetime Treasures


Stores are full of pretty little outfits and age-appropriate baby gear, but time will quickly make them all obsolete.  Those robust little kiddies will grow right out of the clothing in the blink of an eye, and the baby gear goes south as the thriving child matures.  But the baby quilt continues to be useful for a very long time, and then, if you’ve purchased a quality quilt from an experienced quilter, it will be ready to give pleasure to a new arrival in the family, or it can be held as a cherished keepsake, for the children that this little baby will have in the future. That’s a virtue very few economy products have.

Handmade Baby Quilts Are Made to Last

We all know the disappointment of watching something we enjoyed using fall apart or fail, but that won’t happen with a well-made homemade baby quilt. A knowledgeable quilter will have carefully matched the components for compatibility, prewashed the fabrics, and then assembled them with care and skill for maximum durability. That attention to detail, so lacking in mass-produced items, will result in a quilt ready and able to stand up to baby use and the washer/dryer experience.

Homemade Baby Quilts Are the Ultimate Personal Gift

Personalized Animal I Spy

You can’t go into a box store and ask a clerk – if you can find one – to find a gift that harmonizes with the nursery motif, or matches the family’s hobby and has the baby’s name on it, but you can do that if you are buying a homemade baby quilt. You’ll be dealing directly with the person who constructs your quilt with fabrics and patterns that suit the new baby and her family perfectly. All this, while you’ll never leave your home.

Are Baby Quilts a Good Investment?

A versatile, personal, durable baby quilt with heirloom potential that is handmade versus something cheaper that is temporary, impersonal, of sketchy quality, and mass-produced in some foreign land. Something so meaningful in that baby’s life you’ll be long-remembered as the donor versus something with such a short life span that its origin is easily forgotten.   Are handmade baby quilts worth it? You decide.Handmade baby quilts