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You just found fabric on sale for your handmade baby crib quilts, but it is 90 degrees outside.  Now, you need tips for storing it.  Quilters who make handmade baby quilts do so in their own unique way, but they all share the same guilty pleasure: Buying huge amounts ofContinue Reading

This blog was first printed in May 2014  A Memorial Day Tribute  from:    Unique Baby Quilt Boutique The father, though nervous, stands by his wife.  They work together as the time approaches for them see and hold their long-awaited child.  The mother is in labor.  This is a tale, familiarContinue Reading

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Baby Quilt Lady Reveals 9 Buying Secrets The Baby Quilt Lady put down her needle long enough to list the little-known questions shoppers should ask before they buy a baby quilt.  “Not all baby quilts for boys and girls are created equal,” she explains. “Shoppers who want make the veryContinue Reading

Happy Memorial Day from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique Quilting is my passion.  Quilting is my pastime.  When the two opportunities are put to good use and a cause is added to the mixture, quilting blossoms into a lot more when people get involved. Today being Memorial Day, many people areContinue Reading