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Unique Baby Quilt Boutique 

The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Creativity

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Unique Baby Quilt Boutique 

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Choo Choo Trains    $110.00

Colorful Soft  $110.00

Tickled Pink     $120.00

*** Durable and adorable baby quilts for girls ***
*** Handmade baby quilts for boys ***
*** Unique baby shower gift ideas for boys and girls***
*** Unique baby quilts for twins ***
*** Minky fabrics with soft 100% cotton baby flannel ***
*** Unique baby quilt patterns ***
***Unique baby gifts for showers***
*** Durable quilt binding ***
*** Unique newborn baby gifts***
*** Homemade baby crib quilts for the nursery ***
*** Patchwork baby quilt patterns ***
***Baby shower gifts for boys and girls***

Confetti  $120.00

Baby Pink Giraffes   $120.00

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique offers a wide variety of unique baby shower gifts for boys and girls.  These 100% cotton flannel unique quilts are hand quilted and will make the perfect unique baby gift for that special shower.  Whether you are the Grandmother-to-be or going to be a new Aunt, a keepsake baby quilt makes a unique and special shower gift for the new Mother-to-be.

My baby quilts are soft, cuddly, and can be a wonderful touch and feel blanket, as well.  What gives these crib quilts that added special touch?  The fabric is called minky, which is luxurious and silky soft.  This fabric, which is perfect for baby quilts, resembles the real mink in touch and has a soft short pile that is as soft as cashmere.  When mixed with the 100% cotton baby flannel in my quilts the look and feel adds a extra softness.

Peek a Boo Frogs     $120.00

An invitation for a baby shower has arrived

  • This means no ordinary unique baby shower gift will do for this present has to be special, and stand out at the shower.
  • One that will not be tossed aside after a few statement of "Wow how nice," or "So cute," and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.
  • One that will bring has everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch.
  • One that will bring tears of your to the eyes of the new mom, as she visualizes her new baby cuddled in the new handmade baby quilt
  • One that won't get put into a dresser drawer to be forgotten after the thank you note has been written and the tags removed.
  • One that the newborn won't outgrow in a few weeks or even a month because babies tend to grow so fast at those early stages.
  • One that the new mom won't already have in a different color or pattern design, so this will be a unique baby shower gift idea.

    Lavender Wing     $120.00

    Sweet Treats   $120.00

Welcome to Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

where each handmade baby crib quilt is loving handmade by me, Sharon, a Mom of four, and a new Grandma, who knows what babies want and need. My unique handmade baby quilts are the perfect combination of comfort and creativity to cradle your baby.  All baby quilts are handmade to be both durable and adorable. Carefully cared for, as is your baby, these baby quilts will last for a lifetime. A lifetime of beauty and warmth, protecting and nurturing your baby.

Toot Toot Tug Boats    $110.00

Are you looking for nursery decor ideas?  Unique baby quilts with their colors and varied patchwork quilted patterns are excellent choices for baby boy or girl bedding decorating ideas. 

Daisy Bugs   $120.00

A new baby coming home is always reason to celebrate.  Cradle your little one in a unique baby quilt made especially for them.  

Animal "I Spy"    $110.00

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

has a variety of handmade unique baby quilts to fit any nursery's decor.  Check out the variety of quilt patterns from the favorite animals, such as quilts made with monkey fabric, butterflies, farm animals, or lady bugs. There are the soft minky fabrics in a variety of shades to add to the 100% cotton baby flannel materials of these hand quilted treasures.

Football Bears Paw   $110.00

with your puchase of any handmade baby quilt from

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

"Caring For Your Baby Quilts"

A FREE e-Book on how to care for your new baby quilts. Regularly sold for $19.95 but this book is now yours FREE with a purchase of any baby quilt, today.
This is a limited time offer. 
Choose any beautiful baby quilt from our fabulous collection of handmade, hand quilted baby crib quilts

A e-Book on how to care for your new baby quilts. Regularly sold for $19.95 but this book is now yours with a purchase of any baby quilt, . This is a limited time offer.  Choose any beautiful baby quilt from our fabulous collection of handmade, hand quilted baby crib quilts and

"Caring For Your Baby Quilts"
is yours  absolutely


 ** Baby Shower gifts*

** I Spy Baby Quilts**

 **Jeans Quilts**

** Quilt Safety - Buttons and Bows**

** Quilt Binding **

** Mastering half-square triangles **

Monkey See Monkey Do   $110.00

Welcome to

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

I'm so glad you found my wonderful website.  As a fellow lover of unique homemade gifts, I can't wait for you to browse my great selection of handmade baby quilts.  You will find the best prices for baby quilts for boys and girls in many unique quilt patterns.

Baby Pink Lady Bugs    $130.00


Unique, one-of-a kind, handmade baby quilts and children's quilts in a variety of original and innovative designs each with hand sewn quilt binding.
Unique baby quilt patterns in a variety of colors and sizes. 
Limited quantities available. Offering you the finest handmade baby quilts at the best value. 

All Quaked Up   $120.00

I'm really not an artist, but I am able to produce unique handmade baby quilts that keep your precious baby warm.  Perhaps the baby quilts your're investing in will someday be handed down, not just from your child but to your grandchild.  Check out the many ideas for baby girl quilts or a handmade blanket for a little boy. These baby quilts are truly one-of-a-kind family heirlooms, unlike any others. 

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique offers soft baby quilts that help your children learn.  Check out our new " I SPY" quilt.  Since there are two blocks of the animal print, this children's quilt can now be a "Matching"learning game.

"When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart." - Quilt saying.

Congratulations- I am going to be a new Grandmother
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Great Baby Shower or New Baby Gifts!

Lavender Wings

Need a unique baby shower gift? How about a newborn baby gift idea? My unique handmade baby crib quilts will be a unique baby keepsake gift. 

Come browse and find the perfect baby quilt.  My site offers unique handmade baby crib quilts, complete with homemade quilt binding, made of 100% cotton baby flannel fabrics that are soft to the touch and become softer with each wash. 

Each  handmade baby quilt is unique and individually designed.   The stitching, unique color, and fabric design, of each each quilt give it that one - of- a - kind quality that makes Unique Baby Quilt Boutique special.    Your baby quilt will be not be found anywhere else in stores or on the Internet. Your baby quilt will be a unique as your baby.  It will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom.

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique now offers special baby quilts for twins.  These are the newest of my unique baby quilts.  These "I Spy" quilts can help your twins learn by simply matching the animals, colors and designs that are placed in pairs on the quilt.  Quilts are not only for cuddles but as your twins grows, these nique baby blankets grows with them. 

            "Cuddly Panda Bears"
Handmade Baby Quilt


                Football Bears Paws 

My handmade children's quilts and homemade baby crib quilts, complete with hand sewn quilt bindings, are the perfect keepsake gift. They can be used as a baby christening gift or as special present to your new grandchild, office co-worker, or special friend. A handmade patchwork quilt will become a child's quilt to last a lifetime.

Did you ever see a baby start to learn to try to roll over?  Wait, a baby on the hard floor! 

All babies need that special baby quilt, a soft place to be able to lie on, a place to be able to show off to grandma when you roll over for the first time and all those times afterwards.

Moms and Dads, Grandmother and even Grandfathers, you need to make sure your grandchild has a soft and fluffy baby quilt.  Be sure when you watch that little one roll over or play with their favorite toy on the floor, that a baby quilt is in use.

aby quilts are not just for cuddles!

Daisy Bugs

Choosing a name for my handmade baby quilts is the hardest part of the process of creating each unique quilt. First, a list of possible ideas are gathered from family members and friends. I narrow those choices, before a final name is selected. When I design, and spend quality stitching time on each unique crib quilt, the final step of that special name must be chosen with care, as well.

A perfect combination of comfort and creativity, hand quilted by Sharon, a mom who knows from personal experience what babies want and need.


All quilts are shipped priority mail. We are not responsible for the quilt once the package is shipped.

******We ship FREE only to the Continental U.S. at this time. *****

All other countries outside of the U.S. standard shipping fees will be added. Hurry!!!
Remember our homemade baby crib quilts and children quilts are one-of-a kind and totally unique.
Don't miss out on the chance to get yours!


That is what you are saying to the new baby with our handmade baby quilts. Give one as a shower gift to the new Mother-to-be or when the baby arrives. A unique handmade baby quilt is a treasured gift for a lifetime.  A new baby is SEW special and here's the opportunity to give the new Mommy a baby quilt, as unique as her child.  A gift that will last a lifetime.

The perfect gift, a one-of-a-kind handmade baby quilt to celebrate a new life. Sharon has crafted these handmade baby crib quilts with quality fabrics and are easy to care for; just machine wash warm, tumble dry low and remove promptly.  These baby quilts are even easier to take care of than your precious baby.  To think that this baby quilt will keep your baby snuggly warm, just warms my heart.

Daisy Bugs


Sweet Treats


Peek A Boo Frogs

Ann tells me," My little granddaughter just loves her homemade baby quilt. Even though it has been washed and dried many times, it looks as new and as soft as the day we first gave it to her.   The quilt binding looks as good as new. It was a special baby gift and made a great crib quilt."

Roberta writes," Your unique handmade baby crib quilt was the perfect gift for everyone to pitch in and give to our boss and his wife for their new born baby present. We had so many wonderful baby quilts on your website to choose from, and the quick delivery with FREE shipping made sure we had our special baby gift.

Suzanne writes that its almost like her baby, Patricia, understood  the baby quilt was her special present.  She claspes it to her chin like a lifeline, and smiles. at it like a warming friend.  Can a baby quilt and a baby be friends?  I think so.  Thank you.

A special Grandmother purchased one of my homemade and handmade baby quilts for her newborn granddaughter and her daughter-in-law.  Her son, the baby's father, was on active duty in Iraq and was only able to see his daughter being born over the Internet, but until recently had not been able to hold her in his arms.  Daddy's special reunion with his little girl was captured in pictures and the handmade baby quilt that Grandma chose from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, was the perfect floor covering on which Daddy and his little girl could enjoy special moments together.

Looking for something pretty, something soft, something for the new baby? Don’t pass up this handmade baby quilt with the ever special handmade binding. – softness was never so affordable.

            "Daisy Bugs"
Handmade Baby Quilt

            "Toot Toot Tug Boats"
Handmade Baby Quilt


A new arrival - wrap the little one in a gift that will last a life time - a handmade baby crib quilt. Celebrate the new addition to the family with a handmade quilt that is made to be softer the more it is washed and machine dried.

These memorable gifts will be a treasured gift for the mother-to-be and will treasured keepsake for years to come. They are great for baby bedding, coordinating crib bedding in the baby nursery, on the floor or playpen, or for the Mother on the go in the car or stroller. Use these handmade quilts for children to enjoy during nap time, playtime or just time to cuddle with their favorite book during story time. Visit our Quilt Catalog to find just the right gift for that special someone in your life.

Snuggle close...
A handmade quilt, with the soft to the touch quilt binding, is the perfect way to snuggle close with your child and a good book, as  you instill in them the love of reading.

As a quilter, these homemade and handmade baby quilts are created to help Moms and Dads cradle their child, hold them close, and keep them warm.  A handmade quilt is a true gift of a lifetime.

Teachers remind you to read with your child.  Even if you are a Mom, who is waiting for your baby to be born, sit down, pick up a book, and read to your unborn baby.  The baby can hear your voice even before he or she is able to cuddle in your arms in a handmade baby quilt and listen to you read to them.

Children grow all too quickly.  Stop washing dishes, cleaning the house, and blogging on the computer.  Find a homemade and handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique to snuggle close and read to your baby.  

            "Cuddly Panda Bears"
Handmade Baby Quilt


Need a unique baby shower gift? Just can't think of a baby shower gift? Expecting a baby or just had a newborn?
A new arrival? Celebrating a new addition to the family?

A unique handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is the perfect gift idea.

Wrap the little one in one of our handmade baby quilts that will last a life time.

"Lavender Pinwheel"
Handmade Baby Quilt

Each baby crib quilt or children's quilt is unique and one of a kind.

If you would like to be notified when new homemade quilts are added to our website, please fill out the form below and we will send you a sneak preview by e-mail.

A handmade baby quilt was at hit at this baby shower. Here is part of a story from Margaret:


Baby Pink Lady Bugs

The excited mother-to-be carefully unwraps each present, thanks the giver of each, and receives and expresses a kind sentiment of how the new baby may look or feel about the newest unwrapped baby shower gift. The box next in the pile of presents to be unwrapped, not only draws special attention of the new mother-to-be, but the handmade baby quilt inside is passed around for all in the room to get a closer look and feel the soft baby flannel, comment on the unique handmade baby shower gift and the time and care that must have gone into creating such a beautiful and unique handmade baby crib quilt.


    Animal "I Spy"



So if you are looking for unique baby shower gifts, give a homemade baby crib quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.

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